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What We Do

Create a climate where those you love and all whom you encounter are free to be themselves with you, free to stretch their wings and fly beyond the limitations they or others have imposed. Be generous with compassion and encouragement and support.  - Sister Miriam Therese Winter

The Society of Medical Missionaries (Medical Mission Sisters) was the first group of Catholic Sisters to be engaged in the full range of professional medical work.

Anna Dengel, Foundress, said, “I was fire and flame … to be a missionary with a definite goal in view, filling an unfilled need which only women could fill… I was determined to become a mission doctor… doing something that only women could do for suffering women. This touched the feeling of womanly kinship with me and fired my youthful enthusiasm.

As the times and needs evolved, so has our focus in mission – from hospital-based to community-based, to complementary and holistic health care. Realizing that healthy people cannot live on an unhealthy planet, today we also advocate and work for the health of the Earth and for a just sharing of the limited resources in our world.