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MMS in the United States

For many years, the U.S. provided leadership, funding and personnel for ministries started in other countries.  Over the years the Society has evolved:   MMS has grown in numbers internationally, hospitals and clinics were turned over to local people in their own countries, the Society headquarters were moved first to Rome and lastly to London.  MMS also opened ministries in the United States. 

Many of the Sisters, although unable to continue to work directly in the field or assume internal community leadership positions, remain actively involved in prayer, in companionship with each other, and stay current with local, national and international news.  They are intentionally conscious of being a healing presence with all those they encounter and have retained meaningful friendships with Sisters and Associates around the world, sharing wisdom, guidance and support.  


I.  Advocating With and For the Marginalized

  • Tucson, Arizona:

Our Sisters work at three different centers near the southern U.S. border, providing support for immigrants and women without houses, and help distribute food at a food bank.  

  • Philadelphia, PA:

We accompany immigrants coming to Philadelphia from all over the world and participate in a variety of social justice networks.  Sisters are living and working in Kensington, providing meals to the unhoused, organizing regular events for women living in the neighborhood, and assisting in running a women’s center for women who have suffered over the years from trauma, often from within their family situation; from substance dependency; and from being unhoused.

We offer training and support of the incarcerated including advocacy for release and teach English as a Second Language to immigrants.

  • East Haddam, Connecticut:

Associate Bonnie Buongiorne founded the Ray of Light Farm, an animal rescue and therapy center to bring people and animals together in a healing environment. Learn more about Ray of Light here:

II.  De-addiction Programs

  • Philadelphia, PA:

New Jerusalem provides residential support and training for those struggling with addiction

III.  Healthcare

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Teenstar is an international developmental curriculum founded by Sister Miriam Paul Klaus (Hanna Klaus, MD) on sexuality and fertility.

Sisters are providing hospice support  

IV.  Pastoral Work

  • Philadelphia, PA:  

Interreligious Dialogue/Collaboration/Teaching 

V.  Combating Human Trafficking

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Sisters and Associates volunteer at a center for women to come off the streets for a shower, meal and supportive services.

VI.  Music and the Arts

  • Hartford, CT:

Sister Miriam Therese (MT) Winter is the Director of the Women’s Spirituality Center at Hartford Seminary.  Sister MT is Chair Emerita at the Seminary and is  a prolific songwriter and author.

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Art classes, workshops and studio space for creative expression are offered to the community. 

VII.    Liturgical Ministry

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Liturgical celebrations nurture Sisters and Associates as well as friends who join the gatherings.  These efforts within our chapel are a significant corporate witness to our spiritual life and charism.  The services include reflections on scripture, prayer, artwork, poetry, dance, and music. 

VIII.  Intercultural Living

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Sisters from around the world come to Philadelphia to be in community and do ministry.

IX.  United Nations

  • Philadelphia/New York:

Sister Mary Jane Caspillo, from the Philippines, is living in our Philadelphia community and is our current MMS representative.

X.  Peace and Justice

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Sisters and Associates living in the U.S. have a long history of addressing social justice issues.  Although most of the Sisters and Associates are no longer physically able to participate in protests, visit the offices of legislators, or teach in universities, they keep current with social issues and write letters and make phone calls to politicians and others.