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Quezon's 6th Recognition Day

Baley Neg Panuluan Te Batesen Day Care (School of Values and Tradition Day Care Center) in Sitio I Love You Pa More, Sinandigan, Quezon celebrated its 6th Recognition Day on July 8, 2023.Medical Mission Sisters has been supporting the Day Care education of the Indigenous community (Lumad) in Sinandigan since 2016. Out of nineteen (19) Day Care II students there were eleven (11) students who have received their certificate of recognition and will be moving up to Grade 1. The nearest Barangay Integrated School is 6.32 kms by foot from their community. Sisters Linda Maog and Jean Amar with dedicated mission partners Joan Talasan and Greta Gairan joined this simple yet beautiful celebration. The gathering and witnessing of the community to the children who have persevered and diligent in completing their study sessions for this school year is a great joy and fulfillment indeed. A huge thank you to Teachers Aurelia and Sonia who patiently taught and guided the children. We are grateful too for all the parents who supported and believed that education is one key to improve and sustain their community.

Congratulations and blessings to the young students of the Lumad indigenous community in Quezon!