Why Be an Associate?

The reasons why someone would choose to be an Associate is a good place to start. What exactly do Associates of Medical Mission Sisters DO?
How do they live their lives?

In short, after a time of exploration and discernment, an individual makes a formal commitment to God and to the Community of Medical Mission Sisters and Associates. The person promises that they will strive to live in a way that embodies our charism of being a HEALING PRESENCE AT THE HEART OF A WOUNDED WORLD. The ways of living the charism are as unique as each person. However, it’s important to understand that it’s not so much what the person DOES: it’s how they choose to BE in living their lives. This means that the commitment to living in this manner is ever evolving and deepening through time. It is a blessing!

Association is truly a vocation. The Spirit has called us to live in a more radical way, as we read the signs of the times and do all we can to BE the difference in a chaotic world. The gifts and blessings that we receive as we journey together as a community are so much more than we could ever possibly give back.