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Mission Stories

Sister Dr. Ursula Maier in Kulmasa

Info from Martin Wilde on experience in Kulmasa and Sister Dr. Ursula Maier: "Visiting 'my' missionary sisters in Kulmasa, Northern Ghana. In addition to the ongoing Public Health program, they are planning a family clinic that will center a maternity clinic. The district is one of the poorest in Ghana, the next doctor is currently only 45km away Wa. That's what the sisters want to change. Project manager is sister Rita Amponsaa-Owusu (r. ) with sister Jane Suglo (2). v.l) and sister Florence Naamwanuru (2). v.r.) effective in Kulmasa since September 2020 Visiting from Techiman is sister Dr. Ursula Maier (mitte), who as a specialist doctor for neuropedicatistry, especially for children with special needs. Judith Edelmann of MISSIO Aachen was also visiting, who reviewed the progress of the new Sisters Convention, which will also be hosting the Postulate of the Sisters in Ghana in the future. In addition to MISSIO Aachen, MISSIO Austria supports the church in need, the (Erz)bistümer cologne , Münster and Rottenburg-Stuttgart and the Jacob-Christian-Adam Foundation the new building. Sister Ursula was recently elected as the head of the community in Ghana by her mixed sisters. Beside kulmasa and techiman there is another community in sunyani." Photo Credit: Martin Wilde