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Mission Stories

The Heart of Sisterhood

What is the heart of sisterhood?

That you may ponder and believe

It’s giving up or giving out

Such articles as those receive

          Who are the designated ‘poor’--

          The needy and unfortunate.

          However, one should not assume

          That God will so apportion it

                   To every sister on the path,

                   For there are many other kinds

                    Of gifts a sisterhood involves,

                   A sister, so called, never minds

                             Partaking of and sharing in

                             The everyday delivery of--

                             Such as might well be summarized

                             By just two simple words--“God’s Love”!

Ask anyone who’s been around

Those living any sisterhood

And he or she will surely tell

Some story on the life that’s good

          And represents some fraction of

          The whole one may hypothesize

          God had in mind when He--or She--set out

          To catch some women’s eyes

                   And call them to God’s enterprise

                   They would invent the means of then--

                   The ways and places they would go

                   Or see the Gospel off again

                             From--where those leading such would plan

                             Whatever would be realized.

                             Those to enflesh it would go out,

                             Their hearts not to be compromised

By that conflicting with their vows,

Embraced as well by those who’d spent

Some mission years abroad, brought back

To, at the ‘hub’, be likewise ‘sent’

          To ministries found close to home,

          The number of which, growing still,

          Could leave one gawking, quite amazed,

          The mere descriptions of might fill

                   A bulging book, as those are free

                   Who enter sisterhood to dream,

                   And dream they do--continually!

                   It’s not as wild as it might seem

                             To think that sisterhood may span

                             The wealth of God’s imagination.

                             No, for such may come to be!

                             Such is the mystery it is

                                when women called ‘say yes’, indeed

                                   to sisterhood and heed God’s invitation!   

- Sister Carol Reed 2/14/22