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Mission Stories

MMS Statement on Systemic Racism

The Medical Mission Sisters condemn the murders of  Breonna Taylor, Floyd George, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others who have been victims of a racism that has raged for generations here in the United States.  We understand that the same economic system which rested on the shoulders of slaves continues today.  Racism infiltrates our economics, educational system, social structures, politics, entertainment - it is insidious in every scope of our living in America.  It is time it is eradicated. 

In our call to be a healing presence in the world:

  • We commit ourselves to deep self-examination, honest conversation, and a spiritual practice that enables us to meet our responsibility as Christians. 
  • We commit to out own education as well as public advocacy in our relentless determination to help usher in a new reality of safety, justice, peacefulness and joy for EVERYONE.