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Mission Stories

Kablong Mission in Sotik, Kenya

Sr. Judith Lwanga is a social worker at the Kaplong Mission Hospital in Sotik, Kenya. In the first half of last year, 238 teenage mothers came to Kaplong Hospital, with no psychological, social, mental, or financial support from their families or communities. Sister Judith can tell story after story of the girls, some as young as 14, who arrive seeking help. Often, they come in secret, afraid to tell their parents or grandparents they are pregnant, considering abortion, and even contemplating suicide. Sr. Judith considers her work with the girls as part of her quest to mitigate the impact of poverty that sometimes has been present for generations.      - June 2022

Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

The Medical Mission Sisters in Berlin have offered their home to Ukrainian refugees. Sister Karin Knoetig reports that Frankfurt, her home city, receives around 1000 Ukrainians daily. Sr. Karin has been working as a nurse for Caritas (a social service organization) in various shelters for refugees in Frankfurt since 2016. She provides medical care in a shelter with 300 people from 16 different nations. - April 2022