Sister Delipher Magola


Sister Delipher Magola was born in 1984 in Malawi.  The fifth-born of eight children, she has three sisters and four brothers.  Attracted to the Medical Mission Sisters’ charism, Sister Delipher began her formation in 2005.  She shares, “I wanted to touch other people`s lives and be happy like the Sisters. When I visited the places our Sisters were in mission working with women and children here in Malawi, I was inspired to do the same.”

At Malawi College of Accountancy, Sister Delipher obtained a certificate in Financial Accounting (CFA).  She also completed her BA in Sociology.  In 2009, Sister Delipher made her First Vows and was missioned to our Primary Health Care Center in Rubanda, Uganda. In Rubanda, she helped dispense medicines and oversaw maintenance of the health unit and its repairs. She also assisted with bookkeeping and vocation promotion efforts for our Community.

In 2014, Sister Delipher studied social work and administration in Kenya. After receiving her degree and then taking time for home leave, she joined the group of Medical Mission Sisters who re-opened our mission in Malawi.  Today, she works as an Assistant Lecturer in the Social Work Department at the Catholic University of Malawi.  She also is on the team for Student Integrated Support, which helps students realize their goals and empowers them with the necessary skills to solve problems and manage the learning process. Sister shares that she enjoys her work and is happy to be serving others according to her ability and professional skills.