Associate Jane Jones


Associate Jane Jones was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and educated as a nurse at McGill University in Montreal and as an elementary teacher at Queen’s University in Kingston. She worked as a nurse in Canada, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan where she met her husband, Larry.  Further steps on her life’s journey, working mostly in the field of education, include time in Malaysia, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast. Living, working and raising two daughters in these settings have shaped her worldview and blessed her life in countless ways.

One summer while back in the United States, Jane read our Sister Miriam Therese (MT) Winter’s book, “The Singer and the Song.”  She felt an instant and deep connection with the healing charism of the Medical Mission Sisters (MMS) Community and our work for justice and peace throughout the world. The Spirit was certainly at work leading Jane to Sister MT’s Women’s Leadership Institute in Hartford, Connecticut, and to MMS Association.

For Jane, the encouragement and companionship of Association goes beyond words; healing presence has become the prayer and focus of each day.  For the past several years, Jane has divided her time between her family in the United States and her beloved Larry’s work in Indonesia. The gift of a granddaughter has added a wonderful new dimension to her life.  She and we are further blessed by her new role as Assistant Associate Coordinator for MMS in North America.