Sister Teresita Hinnegan

Sr Teresita graduation cropped

Teresita Hinnegan was born in McKinley, Pennsylvania, in the late 1920’s. She entered our Society in 1948, made her First Vows in 1951 and her Final Vows in 1956.  She received her RN in 1954, and was missioned to Holy Family Hospital in Dacca, Bangladesh, where she became certified as a nurse-midwife. She was a nurse supervisor there for six years. She also held several administrative positions at St. Michael’s Hospital in Bangladesh. In 1969 she returned to the U.S. and served as Eastern District Superior. Sister Teresita added an MSW to her academic career in 1981. She was a 20-year faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing where she established the Nurse-Midwifery Distance Learning Training Program for the recruitment and training of certified nurse-midwives in underserved areas of rural Pennsylvania.  She continues to be a local and state advocate for maternal/child health in Pennsylvania.  In 2007, she co-founded Dawn’s Place, a non-profit organization and residential program.  Dawn’s Place provides trafficked women with sexual-trauma recovery therapy, access to addiction counseling and education and life-skills training. Sister Teresita also opened the Center for the Empowerment of Women in Philadelphia in 2007 where she continues to be actively involved in raising awareness about the human rights of women and girls, how they are violated, and identifying best practices for prevention.  A champion in the prevention of violence against women, Sister Teresita says, “Violence against women is present in every society.  It’s a slow, uphill climb to make both overt and covert violence against women more visible in order to mobilize advocates to work at solutions.”