Sister Norys Navas

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Sister Norys Navas was born in Carona, Lara state, Venezuela.  At the age of 20, she moved to Barrio El Trompillo and became a member of an apostolic youth fraternity.  It was during this time that she felt very much a part of the Church and wanted to help provide jobs for young people.  She discovered a talent for making handicrafts (ceramic crosses, nativity figures, etc.) and gave workshops to young people, women and children.  In 1994 Sister Norys met the Medical Mission Sisters, and began participating in formation meetings, retreats and conferences that were held in Maracaibo and Caracas.  She joined our Community in Caracas, making her First Vows in 2001.  In Maracaibo Sister Norys studied special child care and taught handicrafts to women. She worked at Fe y Alegria School as a Pastoral Coordinator in Maracaibo and then as a Pastoral Coordinator for a school in Caracas.  Sister Norys later served in the Padre Machado Hospital among people with cancer and then at the Algodonal Hospital for people with AIDS.  It was here that she first learned massage and relaxation exercises in caring for patients.  In 2011, Sister Norys made her Final Vows.  Since 2014 Sister Norys has been in mission in Arequipa, Peru, where she works with the Community of Families and Comprehensive Rehabilitation (COFARI), an outreach program for children with disabilities and their families.