Associate Michelle Malo-Esposito’s Holistic Healing Ministry


Medical Mission Sisters’ Associate Michelle Malo-Esposito runs a wellness center with her husband Dr. Joseph Esposito, who is a chiropractor.  Some of the treatments of their Life Wellness Centre in Herndon, Virginia, include yoga therapy, chiropractic acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition.  Michelle, a registered yoga instructor and certified fitness professional, began her interest in healing in the 1980s and studied basic massage with our Sister Mary Em McGlone.  This work, she says, “inspired me to continue more study. I went on to develop my own style of working with therapeutic yoga and integrating it with massage therapy and clinical social work to help individuals along their healing journey.” Michelle, who made her Life Commitment as an Associate in 2013, says she enjoys meeting students in every stage of life and helping them to enhance their quality of life through the healing benefits of yogic arts. 

Caption: Michelle Malo-Esposito outside her and her husband’s Life Wellness Centre. For more information, visit