Journeying with Forced Migrants

UntitledMedical Mission Sisters journey with many persons who have been displaced from their homes and homelands due to natural disasters, political uprisings and as victims of trafficking.  In Germany, several of our Sisters work at a comprehensive health care service for homeless people in Frankfurt.  In the United Kingdom, Sister Rosalinda Moag has a very special ministry journeying with forced migrants. “The situation of forced migrants here in the UK is heartbreaking,” says Sister. She is a case worker for the Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) Detention Center Outreach program, a volunteer at Bakhita House for victims of human trafficking, and also assists Filipino migrants in their relocation struggles.

Caption: Last year, Sister Rosalinda (center) participated in a Refugee Tales Walk.  She shares, “After each day’s walk, well-known writers told stories or tales about refugees’ plight and longing…it was a pilgrim and sacred encounter (for me).”