Associate Chris Schenk

Chris Schenk

Associate Christine (Chris) Schenk was born in Lima, Ohio, in 1946.  She has master’s degrees in Theology from St Mary’s Seminary and Graduate School in Cleveland, and in nursing from Boston College.  From 1971-1977 she was a Canonical member of the Medical Mission Sisters.  When our Community’s Associate program began in 1984, Chris became one of its first members.  She says, “Associate membership is important to me for two reasons: it keeps me in contact with a group of fantastic women, from whom I’ve learned a lot in my life’s journey, and it helps me keep my awareness of a broader global world.”  In 1988, Chris joined the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Cleveland (CSJ).  She served urban families for 18 years as a nurse-midwife before co-founding FutureChurch in 1990.  FutureChurch was created to bring about a greater participation of laity, especially women, in the Church.  She received the FutureChurch Trivision Award for 23 years of service with the organization when she retired from her role as Executive Director in 2013. Chris currently writes a column for theNational Catholic Reporter’s online edition.