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Sister Gertrud Dederichs

Dederichs_Gertrud_12Sister Gertrud Dederichs was born in Germany in 1951. She entered our Community in 1975 and made her First Profession of Vows the following year. After studying social work, she was assigned to a parish in Nairobi, Kenya, from 1980 to 1990. Sister Gertrud studied at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago for a year, then returned to East Africa to work in formation. She also became involved in the Medical Mission Sisters’ response to AIDS. Returning to Germany in 1991, she went on to serve as Sector Coordinator for Europe, and then as Assistant Coordinator for our Society from 1996 to 2004. Sister Gertrud now serves as a pastoral minister in a hospital in Bottrop, Germany. She also is involved in justice and peace work and is a member of a local intercultural and inter-religious group. In 2010, she was elected our Community’s District Coordinator of Germany, a position she continues to hold today.



Sister Senait Mengesha
Mengesha_Senait-2Sister Senait Mengesha was born in 1961 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 1981 she joined our Community and then made her First Vows in 1985. Her Final Vows were professed in 1993. Sister Senait attended school in Malawi and Ethiopia. After college, she worked in the public health department at Attat Hospital, focusing on women’s groups in the villages. Sister Senait then studied sociology and social administration at the University of Addis Ababa where she earned a B.A. degree. She worked in the Daughters of Charity Urban Development project in Addis Ababa for three years in a department for youth, elderly and disabled persons. In 2010 she was elected for a three-year term as our District Coordinator of Ethiopia. Upon completing a second degree, she joined the National Office of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat where she worked in the social rehabilitation unit in a project for and with orphans and vulnerable children. In recent years, Sister Senait has been working as the Social Rehabilitation and Development Coordinator at the National Ethiopian Secretariat. She is our Community representative at the UN office in Addis Ababa.

New Sector Leadership Team

IMG_5878 (1)Medical Mission Sisters are pleased to announce that our Chapter Delegates meeting in India have chosen a new Leadership Team for our Community. Sister Irene Fernandez, currently our Sector Coordinator of Asia, is our new Society Coordinator and will begin her six-year term in early 2016. She will be joined in leadership by Sister Rosemary Ryan from the United States who is in mission in Boston; Sister Edith Dug-yi from Ghana who is District Coordinator of West Africa; Sister Rini Astuti, an Indonesian woman, who is our Sector Coordinator of East Asia; and Sister Maria Fernanda Ramirez from Colombia who is now Medical Mission Sisters’ Coordinator for Peru. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one as together they begin their new call in mission.

Caption: Medical Mission Sisters Rini Astuti, Irene Fernandez, Edith Dug-yi , Rosemary Ryan and Maria Fernanda Ramirez, our newly elected CommunityLeadership Team.