New Sector Leadership Team

IMG_5878 (1)Medical Mission Sisters are pleased to announce that our Chapter Delegates meeting in India have chosen a new Leadership Team for our Community. Sister Irene Fernandez, currently our Sector Coordinator of Asia, is our new Society Coordinator and will begin her six-year term in early 2016. She will be joined in leadership by Sister Rosemary Ryan from the United States who is in mission in Boston; Sister Edith Dug-yi from Ghana who is District Coordinator of West Africa; Sister Rini Astuti, an Indonesian woman, who is our Sector Coordinator of East Asia; and Sister Maria Fernanda Ramirez from Colombia who is now Medical Mission Sisters’ Coordinator for Peru. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one as together they begin their new call in mission.

Caption: Medical Mission Sisters Rini Astuti, Irene Fernandez, Edith Dug-yi , Rosemary Ryan and Maria Fernanda Ramirez, our newly elected CommunityLeadership Team.