Associate Jane Jones

Jones_Jane, Assoc-2Medical Mission Sister Associate Jane Jones was born in Kingston, Ontario. She went to McGill University in Montreal to study nursing, then became an elementary school teacher, graduating from University in Kingston. Jane worked as a nurse in Canada, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. During this time she met her husband. In Malaysia, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast, she worked mostly in education. She then returned to Indonesia. After reading our Sister Miriam Therese (MT) Winter’s book The Singer and the Song, she felt an instant connection to our healing charism and our work for justice and peace throughout the world. This led Jane to Sister MT’s Women’s Leadership Institute in Hartford, Connecticut, and then to become a Medical Mission Sister Associate in 2005. Jane is the mother of two daughters, and also now a grandmother. She currently lives in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Of Associate life, she says, “The promise that I made in 2005 and that I continue to make each day, to live ‘as a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world,’ grounds me in the here and now and connects me to a world without boundaries.”