Sister Rowena Pineda

Pineda_Rowena 2Sister Rowena Pineda was born in Quezon City, in the Philippines. Before becoming a Medical Mission Sister in 1987, she spent a year visiting MMS in Manila and participating in our mission in Bongao. In 1989 she made her First Vows. Her first mission assignment was to Bongao, Tawi Tawi, where she spent five years working in communications and community health. During this time Sister Rowena also helped train health workers. Her next mission was in Metro Manila, where she lived in poor urban communities, helping develop community-based health programs. She also participated in the education and formation of youth. Sister Rowena was our Formation Coordinator for 12 years and was actively involved in formation and leadership development, counseling and spiritual direction of Women and Men religious of other Congregations. For the past seven years she has been Sector Coordinator of East Asia, coordinating our missions in Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.