Sister Angelika Kollacks

Kollacks_Angelika 2German-born and raised Sister Angelika Kollacks entered our Community in 1972. With a desire to serve in a large city, she joined several Sisters in creating the Effata Center for Holistic Health to help lower-income people improve their level of wellness. At the center, Sister coordinated health and nutrition education activities and stress reduction techniques; prepared educational courses; and directed spiritual counseling and retreats. After the reunification of Germany, in 1992 she moved to Berlin with Sister Michaela Bank. In an ecumenical center in Marzahn, a satellite town of the former East Berlin, she worked as a music therapist with women who were unemployed or underemployed. In 1995, Sister Angelika graduated with distinction from the Fritz-Perls Institute in Music and Gestalt Therapy. She now leads individual therapy sessions; gives workshops together with a psychotherapist; and sings and uses her many musical instruments in liturgical services.