Associate Loretta Whalen

Whalen_Loretta-3Medical Mission Sister Associate Loretta Whalen was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1940 and entered the Medical Mission Sisters as a Canonical member in 1961 as an RN. She was missioned to Holy Family Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and then to Mexico and Venezuela. Loretta then earned her MA in Religious Education. Music was an important part of her ministry—she participated in recording 14 albums of our music including “WomanSong” and “EarthSong.” She also was involved in a music and liturgy-based teaching ministry for several years, beginning in 1971. In 1976, Loretta left Canonical membership but continued her involvement with Medical Mission Sisters. She helped launch our Associate membership, and, in 1984 made her life commitment as a Medical Mission Sisters’ Associate. Loretta was married for 11 years and raised two step-daughters. She then founded the National Council of Churches’ Office, “Education on Issues of Global Peace and Justice,” which she directed for 20 years. Now living in Philadelphia, Loretta is our Associate Membership Coordinator for North America and a member of our Community choir.