Medical Mission Sisters at the UN

Miriam+Pau+land+Celine+1186Medical Mission Sisters and Associates participated in many ways at recent UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) events in New York. Our UN Representative, Sister Celine Paramundayil, helped plan two programs. One included Sister Anima Puspha Toppo, speaking on the “Impact of Mining on Indigenous Women.” The other, “Women’s Spirituality: Pioneering and Transforming,” included Sister Miriam Therese Winter and MMS Associate Christine Schenk as panelists. Sister Miriam Paul (Dr. Hanna) Klaus was a special presenter at a companion NGO forum sponsored by the World Organization Method of the Ovulation Method, Billings.

Caption: From left to right: Sisters Miriam Paul Klaus and Celine Paramundayil, who attended the recent CSW events at the UN.