Easter Blessings

The Easter season is a sacred time of the year.  It is one in which we move from reliving and remembering the suffering and death of Jesus on Good Friday to embracing the joy of the Resurrection, and the deep peace it brings.  The roller-coaster ride of emotions experienced by Jesus’ disciples the week before Easter, the week we call “Holy,” are ours, too.  From a Holy Thursday experience of love, community and service to others, to the agony and crucifixion on Good Friday, then the solemn “quiet”– almost emptiness — of Holy Saturday, we finally come to Easter.  The sun rises on our services, the bells ring out like never before, we don our best light-colored clothing and rejoice!  Alleluia!  Death has been overcome by life — and we can’t contain our joy.

But this Easter experience of joy, peace and the love of God (who is more than we can ever imagine) is not to be held onto.  It is for us to share.  While Easter is celebrated very specially in Chapels and Churches, and even on hillsides, it is meant to be lived in the barrios and villages, the crowded cities and centers where women and men long to know that they and their lives mean something, that they have a purpose in life, that they are loved and loveable.  Our 40-day journey through Lent again transitions to a daily journey of life, reaching out to others in their any and every need, being “Easter people” in a world in great longing for the new life we have to share.

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