Mendipathar Multipurpose Cooperative

scan0006Medical Mission Sister Rose Kayathinkara founded the Mendipathar Multipurpose Cooperative Society in North East India in 1998 to enable marginal farmers to circumvent the unjust practices of middlemen and moneylenders. Since then, she has seen many women gain knowledge, confidence and income to help support themselves and their families. The cooperative sells food and essential commodities like consumer goods, stationery, utensils and clothes. In 2003 it started poultry farming and in 2008 dairy farming. Its objective is to provide milk at affordable prices, and to educate the people in eco-friendly and organic farming, recycling of waste water, and production of bio-gas.

Caption: “Through the years, I am happy to note that the livelihood of the people has improved. However, we have miles to go and we need to create more awareness of what still can be done,” says Sister Rose, above right.