Sister Gisela Reich

Reich_Gisela_12Sister Gisela Reich was born in Tamm, in Ludwigsburg, Germany and joined the Medical Mission Sisters in 1983. She became a social worker and worked in a youth center in Duisburg, Germany, before being missioned to Callao, Peru, in 1991. Sister Gisela has been very active over the years with a youth group in her parish, Cristo Liberador. In collaboration with “Audio-visuals of Peru” (ADEP), she helps provide training, retreats and seminars on topics that involve youth work, such as leadership style, communication, personality development, ecology, Bible study and more. She shares, “In addition, I accompany young people on their personal healing and decision-making.” In 2010 she celebrated her 25th Jubilee. As one of the members of our Latin American Leadership Team, Sister Gisela continues to work on our Commission on Finance.