Associate Ray Mattern, Jr.

Associate commitment 038Ray Mattern, Jr. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, became a Medical Mission Sisters’ Associate in 2012. After attending LaSalle High School, Ray received a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and a Graduate Degree in Pastoral Counseling and also in Religious Education. For many years Ray was a teacher at LaSalle College High School, in addition to being a baseball coach and umpire. He widened his teaching to include being a “companion pilgrim leader,” as he helped young adults through the texts of philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. During ordination studies at the interdenominational School of Sacred Ministries, he met Associate Felicity Lavelle who introduced him to the Medical Mission Sisters. Since 1966, Ray has worked with farmers, farm owners and vendors towards a nutritional food supply, in a context of just wages and working conditions. He is interested in supporting and complementing the medical treatments of HIV/AIDS and other maladies with good nutrition.