Sister Rose Kayathinkara

Kayathinkara, RoseSister Rose Kayathinkara was born in Bharananganam, Kerala, in 1942. After entering our Community in 1961, she studied medical technology, then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in social services. Sister Rose was then missioned to work among the Garo tribe in Meghalaya. In 1990, she began working with Caritas India’s North East Regional Forum as a coordinator to promote awareness and action in the organization and empowerment of people, especially women. In addition to various leadership roles in North East India, including serving as our District Coordinator, Sister Rose started the Mendipathar Multipurpose Cooperative Society in 1998 in order to help the subsistence level farmers get just wages for their work, fair prices for their produce, and more direct access to markets and money. In 2012 she received the Meghalaya State Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to social services. Sister Rose celebrated her Golden Jubilee as a Medical Mission Sister this year.