Sister Maigualida (Mai) Riera

Mai 1Sister Maigualida (Mai) Riera was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She was an active catechist and literacy teacher before she entered our Community in 1993 and became our first native-born Venezuelan sister. Now in Barquisimeto, Sister Mai works with Fe y Alegria, a primary and secondary educational program for the poor, coordinating a formation program for teachers at the regional level.  She also oversees the Formation/Integration of our members in Latin America.  Sister Mai shares: “Every time I look at or think about the history of Medical Mission Sisters, I am in admiration of the many ways we have found to be a Healing Presence in the midst of a wounded people…Within Fe y Alegría, I have had the opportunity to exercise my profession as an educator; to prepare myself to form others while at the same time being formed myself – it is mutual education and healing.”