Sister Sheila McGinnis

McGinnis_SheilaSister Sheila McGinnis entered our Community in 1956 after graduating from high school in Troy, New York. She became a nurse and nurse-midwife, then was missioned to Holy Family Hospital in Quinhon, South Vietnam.  When she returned to the U.S., Sister Sheila was involved in the resettlement of Vietnamese refugees.  She then joined the staff of our Center for Human Integration (CHI) in Philadelphia, which offered a  variety of programs and client services to facilitate healing.  After a six-year term as North American Sector Superior, she served as Co-Director of CHI until its close in 2008.  Sister Sheila’s current ministry, Healing Space, grows out of her conviction of the oneness of body, mind and spirit.  “As you attend to any one of these needs,” she says, “you attend to them all.” Sister doesn’t call herself a healer but says she facilitates healing within a person “and they do the work.”