Sister Edith Dug-yi

Edith_Dug-yi-4Sister Edith Dug-yi was born in Ghana, West Africa, in 1956. Before entering the Medical Mission Sisters in 1991, she worked as a public health nurse for 10 years. In the past 20 years, Sister has been in mission in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya. In Kenya, she served in formation ministry for seven years. Sister Edith returned to Ghana in 2010 and soon joined the staff at the Center for Spiritual Renewal in Kumasi.  Begun by Medical Mission Sisters Ellen Hummel and Jean Salgot, and a Missionary of Africa priest, the Centre has had a pivotal role in the formation of African Christians since the early 1970s.  Recently Sister Edith was elected our Community’s District Coordinator for West Africa.  She has begun combining this important internal ministry with her special spiritual formation ministry at the Centre for Spiritual Renewal.