Sister Betty Mathay

Sister Betty is one of 625 Medical Mission Sisters in 17 nations trying to be present to others in the spirit of Jesus the Healer.

Born in Bataan Province in the Philippines, Sister Betty is the second of three daughters. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and CPA at the University of the Philippines. She made her First Vows at age 30, in 1969.

After serving as District Treasurer, Sister Betty was missioned to the Brayat Minulyo Hospital in Surakarta, Indonesia, where she served until 1992. During those years, she served on our Society Finance Team, and was also our Coordinator in Sector East Asia from 1981 to 1987. When she returned to her native country, she wanted to work at the grassroots level and had a strong desire to do pastoral care.

“From the very beginning of my religious life, I saw my participation in our healing mission doing pastoral care as just being a loving person, giving my smile and having an understanding heart for all,” she explains.

Sister Betty ministered in the southern part of the Philippines in several hospitals, and became part of the hospital ministry of the diocese. For four years, she was co-chaplain with a priest in the Zamboanga City Medical Center. She was also involved with building community with the local fisher folk, and with interfaith dialogue and weekly Bible reflections.

After transferring to the northern Philippines, Sister Betty continued to do pastoral hospital visits, and visited homebound patients, bringing them Holy Communion when needed. She was also involved with formation for pre-candidates and Sisters in temporary vows.

Now living in Quezon City in the Philippines, Sister Betty is serving as the District Treasurer. She shares, “Our healing mission is a wholistic one, caring for the whole person’s needs – body, mind and spirit. When the three are in harmony, healing comes to the person…When I see a smile, a spark in people’s eyes, and they start communicating, I always feel joy in my heart as healing is happening, and God is there healing all of us.”

September 1, 2010