Sister Mini Thomas Ottaplakal

Sister Mini Thomas is one of 600 Medical Mission Sisters and 80 Associates in 17 nations trying to be present to others in the spirit of Jesus the Healer.

Born in a village in Kerala, India, Sister Mini Thomas came to know about our Community when she was studying nursing at Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital in Bharananganam. She joined our Community in 2000, and made her First Vows in 2004.

She shares, “For me, the call to religious life is something special and a privilege. It is entering into a freeing experience to follow Jesus’ ways by means of three vows. It enables me to experience and trust God in a deeper way.”

Sister Mini Thomas was assigned to work among the tribal people of Roshni, Madhya Pradesh, then to the Holistic Health Centre, Ayushya in Ithithanam, where she tended the herbal garden and took care of herbal preparations. She made her Final Vows on May 17, 2008, at IHM Hospital, Bharananganam, and began studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Mangalore, Karnataka. She is currently serving at Kurji Holy Family Hospital in Patna.

“In the future I see myself continuing to take care of the sick and poor, either in a hospital or clinic where the poor and ordinary people can benefit…I enjoy taking care of the sick and poor and treasure the moments when they recover by our simple, loving care,” Sister Mini Thomas says.

She adds, “Our Society has helped me to grow in all aspects of my life, to experience different ways of prayer, to find and experience God in creation, to encounter God in the poor and sick, to find the ‘God of small things’ in my day-to-day life, to discover the talents within me and to respond to the different needs in a hospital or village.”

October 1, 2011