Sisters in Integration and MMS Associates in Germany

Medical Mission Sisters are blessed by German women preparing to share their lives with us and with those in need, and by 12 German women and men Associates–all of whom carry on our mission of healing presence today.

At the end of June into early July, Medical Mission Sisters in various phases of integration into our Community and our German Associate members gathered for a Summer Weekend Workshop in Berlin. Fifteen women and two men joined Sister Beate Glania, our Coordinator of Integration in District Germany, and Sister Miriam Therese Winter, special resource for the weekend, reflecting on the theme of “Prayer” through song, ritual and quantum spirituality.

The Sisters were together an additional five days with Sisters Beate and Miriam Therese (MT), taking a closer look at “Anna Dengel and Prayer.” They shared several prayers written by our Foundress that were recorded in her diaries, collectively translating into German a prayer Anna had written in English. MT as she is widely known, has been doing extensive research on our Foundress, her spirit, vision and life journey from the small Austrian village of Steeg, and has discovered some wonderful “treasures” in the process.

“I was caught up in the Spirit-filled energy of our German Sisters and those associated with our communities there,” MT said on her return to the United States. “They are our future. How good it is to get to know one another as individuals and to add their names to my prayers.”

August 1, 2012