Sister Marykutty Mathew Kudakkachira

Sister Marykutty is one of 600 Medical Mission Sisters and 80 Associates in 17 nations trying to be present to others in the spirit of Jesus the Healer.

Sister Marykutty, the youngest in her family, remembers that she felt drawn to our Community during a crossroads in her life. She recalls, “I knew in my heart that I wanted to give my life in service of others…the charism of Medical Mission Sisters was different. They encouraged women to be who they are, and be risk takers in challenging situations. They reached out to people and places where others dared not step in.”

After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in Science and a diploma in nursing, Sister Marykutty joined our Community in 1983. She worked for over ten years as a bedside nurse. When her own mother died at 102, she was thankful to be able to care for her and have the support of the Sisters.

Sister explains, “After the death of my mother, I wanted to provide the same quality care to all who feel the pain of loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness and unworthiness.” She was encouraged to become involved in hospice care.

After studying palliative care at Calicut Medical College, Sister Marykutty was invited by the Holy Cross Sisters in Trivandrum to start a hospice unit in their area as part of their community outreach and welfare activities. She recalls, “Within a year the number of patients grew to over 200, but all were well cared for.” The local government has since taken responsibility for the program.

Sister reflects, “As I got more involved with palliative care, it broadened my vision of nursing…interaction between the patient, family, community, and the multi-professional care team is a key element for a successful program.”

Sister Marykutty recently moved to London, where she hopes to continue her mission in the field of palliative care. She is also assisting at our Generalate office.

April 1, 2012