Sister Corry Sulistiati Adimarwoto

Sister Corry is one of 600 Medical Mission Sisters and 80 Associates in 17 nations trying to be present to others in the spirit of Jesus the Healer.

Born in East Java, Indonesia, into a non-Catholic Chinese family, Sister Corry was baptized at the age of ten, and attended a Catholic school in Malang. In 1961, she became a naturalized Indonesian citizen. She graduated from pharmacy school and taught for two years before joining our Community in 1969.

Sister Corry served at Fatima Hospital in Parepare. In 1974, she attended the East Asian Pastoral Institute in the Philippines and then worked as our Formation Coordinator in Indonesia for nine years. She also served as our District Coordinator in Indonesia.

In 1995, Sister Corry was one of four Medical Mission Sisters who started a new community in Semarang. Four years later, she was elected as our Sector Coordinator in East Asia.

At the end of her leadership term, Sister Corry moved to Wangon, a small village in Central Java. She says, “I felt very much at home with the village people, and I felt that it was life-giving to me…when I was small, I was a village girl who grew up in a village context. Being in Wangon meant that I was in touch again with my roots.”

When Sister Corry was asked to move to the formation house in Semarang, the people from Wangon asked to accompany her as a way of expressing their gratitude. She explains, “They wanted to be involved in sending me out as their missionary. This was so very consoling to me.”

Now serving on our formation staff, Sister Corry is also in mission with elderly women in the parish.

June 1, 2012