Sister Bina Stanis

Sister Bina in Kasiadhi, India, is one of 600 Medical Mission Sisters and Associates who faithfully live our mission of healing presence today.

Sister Bina Stanis, originally from Tamil Nadu, was born and raised in Nagpur, Maharashtra, and entered the Medical Mission Sisters in 1985. She completed a Master’s degree in sociology and has mainly been involved with those in need at the grassroots level. She lives in the village of Parez, one of the many villages whose people have been displaced since 1997, and works with the communities in Lonpongtandi, Horomocha, and the struggling farmers of the Karanpura valley.
“Displacement is a very complex phenomenon,” says Sisters Bina. She has had a special ministry of justice among the poor people of Jharkhand, India, who have been removed from their tribal homeland by the coal mining industry. In Kasiadhi, Sister is committed to the empowerment of indigenous people. She is involved with the Jharkhand Mine’s Area Coordination Committee, an alliance of communities fighting mining companies, so the people hold onto their property and land rights.

In addition to helping the indigenous people struggle to keep their homes, she also helps them to address their health needs. Jharkhand does not have basic health facilities for 80% of the people who live in villages. Sister Bina directs the activities of health centers in Kasiadhi, Horomocha and Lopongtandi, where the villagers built their own center after years of trying to access the government health facilities. Many now experience health and healing for the first time in their lives.

“For indigenous peoples all over the world, land is sacred,” says Sister Bina, who celebrates her Silver Jubilee as a Medical Mission Sister on November 10 in Kasiadhi.

November 1, 2012