Associate Recommitments

Medical Mission Sister Associates in North America recommit themselves to carry on our mission of healing presence.

After 15 years of Associate membership, the following Associates made their Commitment for Life:
Bud Wilkins –Over the years, he provided substance abuse counseling for the homeless and was a team member in prison ministry. Bud volunteers at our Medical Mission Sisters’ Thrift Shop in Fox Chase, Philadelphia. He is a former insurance broker.

Lee Wilkins – A nurse and counselor, Lee is currently learning with and accompanying her husband, Bud, also an Associate, in their walk with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. They both are enthusiastic participants in a clinical trial, testing a potential Alzheimer’s medication.

Cathy Chatelain – Cathy is enrolled in a two-year course in real estate investing and counseling. “Home Solutions” benefits those struggling to sell their home, to avoid mortgage default, or to better their home’s condition to ready it for sale. A former software engineer, Cathy expresses her interest in alternative healing through Matrix Energetics seminars.

Pauline Bazinet, MD – Pauline was long in service with Medical Mission Sisters in India. Before she retired, she was the Medical Director of the Royal Ottawa Psychiatric Hospital. Pauline now savors time for quiet reading and prayer, as well as the simple joys of hearth and home.

Anne Morgan – A nurse-anesthetist and hospital administrator, who lived and worked many years with Medical Mission Sisters in India, Anne is now retired. She speaks with fondness of early-times in Mission where each Sister was capable of doing “everything” – a necessity due to slender staffing.

Rosemary Nagl – Rosemary is a RN, visiting nurse and liturgical drummer. She has suffered with chronic illness for more than a decade. Now, Rosemary identifies “learning to receive care” as one of her disciplines.

Judy Leiby – Judy worked in corporate information technology for many years and is currently a hospice staff person, certified in therapeutic harp. She is also a certified master gardener through a University of Utah program in low-maintenance, mountain plant species.

Therese Connolly – A Full-Time Veterans Administration Nurse and Mental Health Case Manager in the Philadelphia area, Therese has a Certification in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola College of Maryland.

Theresa O’Connor – A nurse with a Masters from Yale University, her current practice in the Delaware Valley is in Holistic Psychotherapy and Professional Coaching. Her current work is Holistic Psychotherapy and Professional Coaching Corporations. Theresa also is involved with eldercare.

Cass McKee – Cass works with her parish bereavement team and recently attended an event on Ecology and Spirituality at the United Nations in New York City. She was drawn to Medical Mission Sisters though studies with our Sisters in scripture, theology and spirituality. Cass is also a mother to eight, grandmother to 24 and great-grandmother to three.

The following Associates renewed their Commitment for five years:

Marie Conti – A graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Marie works in Hospital Risk Assessment and Quality Control in the North Philadelphia Health System. She is a peer counselor in substance abuse and also volunteers with Philadelphia “Red Paws,” an animal rescue subsidiary of the American Red Cross.

Larysa Kilpatrick – A retired Montessori teacher and school nurse in Abington Township, PA, Larysa is also a volunteer visitor and reader for our MMS elders in residential care. Her spiritual practice includes the discipline of meditation, which she shares with her toddler grandson.

Camillia Falotico – Camillia has a BS in Business Administration, with a specialty in accounting. With a professional career in the Medical Mission Sisters’ Finance Department, Camillia is the current Director of Finance. Deeply rooted in her large Italian family, Camillia is a sought-after dessert chef.

For more information on our Associate Program, please visit Associate Membership.

October 15, 2012