Training Home Nurses at Kurji Holy Family Hospital

Training nurses to care for patients at home is one of hundreds of ways in which Medical Mission Sisters around the world try to be a healing presence to others today.

For the past ten years, a three-month home nursing course has been offered at Kurji Holy Family Hospital in Patna, India. The course consists of two months theory and one month practice. Sister Anne Irene Rodriquez explains, “We have both men and women on cases and they are really appreciated for their services to the sick, lonely, bed-ridden patients, most of whom are older people.”

Sister Anne Irene and her co-workers keep in touch with the families where the home nurses are assigned, and also visit some families monthly. She says, “This is much appreciated and welcomed. Some of the families have expressed their gratitude and told us that Kurji Holy Family Hospital has not only given us nurses to care for our loved ones, but has also come to our doorstep.”

Many doctors, nursing homes and hospitals in Patna send those who need home nurses to Sister Anne Irene and her co-workers. “Many of our patients in Patna have relatives across the country and also abroad, thus we are also known in the international circles,” she explains.

Sister Anne Irene reflects, “Through this service which we render to many home bound cases, we make the cause known of our healing charism and ministry….We have helped many with job opportunities once they have completed the course, and they in turn have helped their families, made themselves self-reliant, and have been able to educate their children…we continue to be channels of God’s healing to many through our home nursing services.””

July 15, 2010