Gathering of 16 Sisters in Temporary Vows

Learning, sharing and supporting each other in our commitment is one of hundreds of ways in which Medical Mission Sisters around the world try to be a healing presence today.

In Patna, India, sixteen of our Sisters from North and North East India who have professed Temporary Vows recently gathered for a one-month program. They strengthened their relationships with each other and their sense of belonging to our Community.

“There was much life, laughter, time for serious reflection and creative expression through drama, song, paintings and mandalas,” says Sister Rowena Miranda, our District Coordinator in North India.

Three Jesuit priests facilitated the program, along with three of our Formation Coordinators, Sisters Nirmala Lopes, Anne Irene Rodriguez, and Anna Kalista Bara.

The participants studied our Community’s documents, history, and realities today. They worked on their writing skills, and learned the basics of journalism. They shared the life stories of several older Sisters, and discussed various aspects of religious life.

The Sisters appreciated time set aside for sharing “heart stories” – their experiences in community and ministry, their joys, struggles, challenges and suggestions. They also enjoyed several picnics and outings.

Sister Rowena shares, “The Sisters were enabled to look deeper into themselves and get in touch with their ‘heart’s deepest desire’ – their call to religious life and their willingness and commitment to respond to the needs of the time.”

During the gathering, the Sisters were also challenged to keep up-to-date on the social realities in India and across the globe. They discussed the need for a shift in mindset and perspective as they encounter new realities, and expressed a hopeful, positive picture of their future mission and community life. As Sister Rowena says, “They returned to their respective communities with joy, enthusiasm, hope, and commitment to ‘keep the fire burning.’”

February 15, 2011