Ecological Awareness in Venezuela

Joining others in caring for the Earth is one of hundreds of ways in which Medical Mission Sisters and our Associates around the world try to be a healing presence to others today.

As our Sisters and Associates in Venezuela celebrate 60 years of our healing presence in that nation, they are deepening their healing charism from the ecological perspective.

“Ecological living is a call to take care of our Mother Earth,” says Sister Therese Cheruvallath, a Sister from India who has served in Venezuela for eleven years. “It calls for a radical change and a conversion of heart with deep convictions.”

“Being in community with the people, we are trying to deepen our consciousness of taking care of the Earth and to live in harmony with the whole of creation,” Sister Therese explains. Some of the activities our Sisters have begun include:

– Incorporating the topic of ecology into their family health program and sharing their knowledge of ecological living with groups of women in the barrios.

– Producing organic manure by putting household waste products in a pit, covering it with dried leaves for few months, then using the manure for plants.

– Making use of the small space around the Sisters’ house, cultivating bananas and lemon trees, capsicum, beans, and some herbs. In front of the house they have few rose bushes. Sister Therese says, “It was so beautiful to see one rose plant with 50 flowers!”

– Preparing the soil and planting a variety of shrubs at the Centro Formación – at the request of, and with the help of, some of the women in the community who wanted to green and beautify the space.

Sister Therese shares, “We continue our journey with our people…committing ourselves to ‘promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life’…weaving care and compassion into the web of life.”

August 15, 2011