The 120th birthday of our Foundress, Anna Dengel

Medical Mission Sisters and Associates celebrate our Foundress, Anna Dengel, and all she has meant to so many around the world.

Anna Dengel was born on March 16, 1892, in Steeg, Austria. The oldest of a family that would grow to nine children, she was one who looked beyond her small mountain village to a world in need. Because her own mother died when she was a young girl, she was especially moved by the unmet health, education and development needs of women, wherever they happened to live, whoever they happened to be.

After medical school in Ireland, Anna’s vision and compassion led her to North India in the early 1920s as “the” doctor for thousands who had no care. They then led her to found the Medical Mission Sisters.

As a Catholic Community of women from 22 nations, we dedicate our professional talents and our personal lives to a mission of healing presence. We feel especially called to situations of injustice, to areas of disparity, neglect, discrimination, and where little or no value is being shown for the sacredness of all of created life.

Anna Dengel wrote, “Thank God for everything, and let us remember in love and gratitude those who went before us with the sign of faith.” We thank God for the gift of her life, and remember the millions of people who have been touched in a healing way because of her vision, faith and fortitude.

March 15, 2012