Loving Care of our Elder Ones

Offering care and support to our Elder Sisters in North America is just one of the ways we are called to be a healing presence today.

In North America today, we are committed to providing our elder Sisters with the health, religious and social services they need for the full length of their days. They have given so much of themselves to others throughout their lives. By offering a “continuum of care,” we try to help each one to participate as fully and as long as possible in her lifelong mission of healing.

Many of our older Sisters pioneered our missions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. After decades of service in hands-on health care, teaching, community development and efforts to educate and empower women, they have turned over their ministries to local counterparts and come “home.” These wonderful women in their 80s and 90s continue to be a healing presence in whatever ways they are able: helping with Community tasks, teaching literacy courses, praying daily for the needs of our world, helping in our Thrift Shop, writing letters to politicians about social justice issues, being active in local senior centers, and staying in touch with our Sisters overseas.

Sister Aquinas Hamilton, one of our Sisters living at our North American Headquarters in Philadelphia, says, “If you can do something, you can make a difference,” quoting another Medical Mission Sister–Mary Louise Lynch. And so they do!

We as a Community support our elder Sisters’ “new way” of being a healing presence by providing the physical assistance, adaptive devices and living situations they need. We listen to and share their stories with others, for they are full of life and hope and concern for those in need. We are blessed, indeed, by all they are and continue to call us to be as Medical Mission Sisters.

November 1, 2012