Congratulations to Sister Nigist Biru

Congratulations to Sister Nigist Biru who makes her Vows for Life on January 13 at the parish Church in Attat, Ethiopia. Sister Agnes Lanfermann, our Society Coordinator, and the Bishop of the Eparchy will be present at the celebration. Sister has been active for many years in educating people how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS

Recently, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sister Teresita Hinnegan testified at a hearing on human trafficking. Sister Teresita is the founder of Dawn’s Place, a nine-bed residential therapeutic program for women who have been trafficked. The hearing, called by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, took note of the domestic and international aspects of human trafficking and sought to quantify the problem. Hearings will continue in 2013.

In December, a deadly typhoon, “Pablo,” swept through the southern Philippines. Raging water and mud from the mountains swept through school buildings, covered courts, town halls, and health centers where residents had taken shelter. Many people died and many are still missing. The death toll will likely hit 1,500, making “Pablo” the second deadliest storm since the Philippines began keeping records of typhoons since 1947.

Some 300,000 people who remain homeless are still in evacuation centers. Plantations and crops were destroyed. There is widespread deforestation. Medical Mission Sisters in the Philippines and around the world keep in prayer all those who have suffered through this and other natural disasters.

Please use our “Contact Page” to send your special prayer requests. Each is written in our “Intention Book” right outside our Chapel in Philadelphia and remembered daily in our Sisters’ prayers.

Medical Mission Sisters thank you for your continued support and wish you a safe and happy new year. We pray that 2013 will bring you the blessings you need most.

January 1, 2013