Center for Human Integration

The work of the Center for Human Integration, is one of the hundreds of ways in which Medical Mission Sisters around the world try to be a healing presence to those in need today.

Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Center for Human Integration (CHI) offers a wide range of program and client services in complementary modes of healing. The Center was established in 1981. Approximately 2,500 client service sessions are provided annually. These help to: reduce chronic pain; increase energy and mobility; manage stress; and integrate life-changing awareness for clients.

700 persons attend CHI classes and workshops each year. Fall and Spring semesters are offered. Each one includes over 80 different courses, presented by 46 instructors.

The Sisters who work at CHI have many years of experience in health care around the world. Sister Mary Em McGlone, B.S.N., C.M.T., Director and Founder of CHI, formerly served as a nurse in Uganda. Sister Sheila McGinnis, B.S.N, C.M.T., Co-Director of CHI, spent years as a nurse in Vietnam. Sister Marguerite Papineau, A.D.N., C.M.T., who worked in the Middle East and Pakistan, and newly-professed Sister Yumiko Nobue, from Japan, are also practitioners on the CHI staff.

“A phenomenal growth in the non-invasive, body/mind/spirit integrated approach to health awareness has occurred in the past 20 years,” says Sister Mary Em. The Fox Chase Cancer Center, just outside Philadelphia, has designated CHI as its “Complementary Health Care Provider of Choice.”

In 2000, CHI was licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer a program in Integrative Body/Mind Therapies leading to a diploma. The 600-hour program prepares students to be professional practitioners of the healing arts of complementary care, and also prepares students for eligibility for the National Certification examination given by the American Massage Therapists.