Medical Mission Sisters dedicate our lives to a mission of healing presence among those in need.  We reach out to others with loving hands and compassionate hearts, seeking to promote life, wellness and wholeness wherever they are not found.  We share our material resources, our talents, our very selves in order to create a more just and human world for all.  Trusting in God’s goodness and love, we live within a Community.  Prayer is integral to our life together.

As members of a Religious Congregation, Medical Mission Sisters profess public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  The stages of Canonical Membership include:  Pre-Candidacy (up to two years), Candidacy (approximately two years), Temporary Commitment (3 to 6 years) and Profession of Vows for Life.  For more information on Canonical Membership, please contact:  HYPERLINK “”

Medical Mission Sisters’ Associates are women and men who are drawn to the vision, values and healing charism of the Medical Mission Sisters and make a commitment to live them within the context of their own lives and responsibilities.  Association invites individuals to deepen their spiritual lives through reflection, prayer, worship and actions that promote healing.  For more information on our Associate Program in North America, please contact Loretta Whalen:  HYPERLINK “”