10th Anniversary of Sept. 11

To mark the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia, where Sister Maria Hornung is in mission, is collaborating with religious and government agencies to create meaningful events, a unified message, and helpful resources. In addition to events planned for Philadelphia on September 11, the Interfaith Center and the Religious Leaders Council have gathered resources to foster discussion, hope and healing on this tenth anniversary, for liturgy, prayer or community gatherings. You’ll find them at:

Sister Elaine Kohls serves as General Manager at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Wolisso, Ethiopia, which has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. The number of Outpatient Department Visits has increased more than five-fold, to 74,253, and the number of hospital beds has more than doubled, to 192. With the completion of the eye unit in 2008, the ophthalmology services continue to increase. Over two thousand eye operations were completed last year. Sister Elaine is deeply grateful for the prayers and support of St. Luke’s generous donors.

In Bottrop, Germany, Sister-Doctor Simone Hermann has successfully completed her surgery exams and gained experience in emergency medicine. She is planning to make her Vows for Life in spring, 2012. Sister Simone hopes to serve as a surgeon in Germany this year, then move to our new international community in London next year.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Medical Mission Sisters Associate Evelyn Godwin is involved with an organization called EDEN (Emerald Development and Economic Network, Inc.), a housing resource and development agency. She is helping to organize a new service: supplying kitchen items for men who are moving into efficiency apartments from local transitional housing. Some of the men have jobs, but do not have a place to live. Evelyn explains, “A request for ‘housewarming baskets’ came to us, with a list of needed kitchen items…every other Sunday we fill two large laundry baskets (plus extra boxes) with all the items needed for two kitchens, from dishtowels to coffee pots.” Evelyn also volunteers as a tutor, and serves dinner several times a month at a local shelter.