Our Websites
Medical Mission Sisters have a number of websites that share our Community’s mission, its vision and its values:  presents our worldwide mission of healing in English is the Society website created by our Generalate in London is our German website presents our life and work in the United Kingdom is our Dutch website highlights our mission in South India is our North India website shares the work of our Center for Healing and Integration in India features our ecological ministry at HEAL in the Philippines tells of our involvements at the United Nations

Some North American MMS Ministry Sites – the Women’s Leadership

Institute, a program in applied spirituality begun by our Sister
Miriam Therese Winter at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT – features the ministries
of New Jerusalem Now, founded by our Sister Margaret McKenna
to accompany those on the road to recovery from dependencies and
prison life in the Philadelphia area
– a program in Boynton Beach, Florida,

to assist women of limited means to prepare for employment in
our changing society, co-founded by our Sister Lorraine Ryan – is the website of TeenSTAR (Teaching
Sexuality in the context of Adult Responsibility), a worldwide
program founded by our Sister Miriam Paul Klaus, Dr. Hanna Klaus – the website for Dawn’s Place,
a safe haven for trafficked women, begun by Sister Teresita Hinnegan
– our Thrift Shop in Philadelphia