There are two streams of membership in the Medical Mission Sisters:
Canonical Membership and Associate Membership. As members of a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation, our Canonical members profess public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for life. More about Medical Mission Sister Associate members can be found on the Membership–Associate page.

Becoming a Medical Mission Sister involves several
stages of incorporation:

Pre-Candidacy offers a “from the inside” introduction to the Medical Mission Sisters’ special charism in the Church, our way of life, our values, traditions and expressions of mission. Normally this stage takes 6 – 24 months, depending on the individual’s readiness to move on.

Candidacy (Novitiate) is a time of deepening one’s spiritual life by the study of Scripture, active participation in Liturgy, and communal and private prayer. It also is a time of practical experience in living in community. Ultimately, the goal of Candidacy is to make a vocation decision. This stage usually is a period of up to two years.

First Profession of Vows (Temporary Commitment)
Membership is a mutual agreement. When a woman makes her First Commitment, her “yes” to God is a solemn promise to remain faithful to God’s love and presence in her life and to live that relationship to God (Obedience), to others (Chastity), and to things (Poverty). A first assignment is given during this period, taking into consideration the talents and professional skills of the individual and the needs of the Community. Temporary Vows are made from three to six years.

Profession of Vows for Life (Final Vows) are made when a woman feels ready, with the Community’s affirmation, to fully say “yes” to God in living in mission for life as a Medical Mission Sister.

For more information on Canonical Membership, please contact: