Justice Concerns

Medical Mission Sisters believe that justice is integral to healing.  This leads us to look at the world from the perspective of those made poor and from the viewpoint of what is of benefit to them, making choices accordingly. We continue to strive with others of like mind – from the grassroots level to policy-making bodies in local, national and international arenas – to work for justice and the experience of human dignity for all.




Protecting rights for women and empowering them to know their worth are goals of our North American Peace and Justice Office, directed by Sister Sue Sopczynski (right).  At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, several of our Sisters participated in efforts to raise awareness of human trafficking.



Long known for helping Ethiopians to better health through provision of safe, clean water, our Sister Elaine Kohls shares the joy of a priest, deacon and woman monk at the blessing of an older water site now being used for irrigation.   There are more than 140 tube wells around this area which started as hand-dug wells under the leadership
of Sister Elaine.


Our Sisters continue to work toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030:

*No Poverty
*Zero Hunger
*Good Health and Well-being
*Quality Education
*Empowerment of Women and Girls
*Clean Water and Sanitation 
*Reliable, Sustainable Energy
*Decent Work and Economic Growth
*Resilience Infrastructure
*Reduced Inequalities 
*Safe, Inclusive Cities and Communities
*Responsible Consumption and Production
*Climate Action
*Conservation of Marine Life
*Sustainable Use of Earth’s Ecosystems
*Peaceful, Inclusive, Just Institutions
*Global Partnerships for the Goals