Associate Yira Infante


Born and raised in Venezuela, Associate Yira Infante is an integral part of the Medical Mission Sisters’ life and mission in Barquisimeto.  At our Solidarity Kitchen, which serves nutritious lunches six days a week to 150 people, she assesses need, and ensures that the most vulnerable families are included in the lunch program.   Yira, who made an Associate commitment in 2010, also works at a school for children with special needs, and lovingly accompanies them and their families through the struggles of daily life. 

Yira is a practitioner at the Medical Mission Sisters’ Holistic Health Center in the parish compound of Jesus of Nazareth.  She says fondly, “Being an Associate of Medical Mission Sisters has led me over the years to feel healed, as I’m helping others to heal, through my work with children with disabilities, parish youth and alternative therapies.”  She adds, “God has given me a very specific calling: ‘To be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world’ and I try every day to be faithful to this commitment with all my life, giving myself with generosity, offering what I have, serving with my potential and limitations, just being a good Christian.”